LIBERO CB is the universal PDF Logger for almost any cold chain monitoring challenge. Whether you require strict upper and lower alarm limits, alarm on MKT or duration, LIBERO CB offers it all and allows you to individually set these limits. No need to keep different loggers in stock. Simply apply the correct configuration profile and add shipment information at the time of use and send off the logger. No equipment is required and no software needs to be installed. Read the PDF report and forward it to the sender or to liberoMANAGER, ELPRO’s cold chain database, for further analysis.

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Zusätzliche Information

Data Logger Features

Internal Sensor, LCD, Single-Use, USB

Temperature Range

+2°C to +25°C Room Temperature, -33°C, -21°C, -16°C Frozen, +2°C to +8°C Cool, +15°C to +25°C Ambient, +25°C to +40°C Warm


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