Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer


Monitor air temperature levels inside freezers, refrigerators, display cases, water tanks, and coolers with the Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer. For a Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer spot check or permanent installation, the Min/Max is an economical and convenient QA tool. The thermometer’s onboard internal sensor shows ambient air temperature, while the fast response stainless steel external sensor attached to a 10-ft (3 meter) cord shows the temperature to which it is exposed. Alarms can be set for high and low temperature readings.


Measuring range from -58°F to 158°F (-50°C to 70°C)

Highly accurate up to ± 1°F (±0.5°C)

High/low alarm settings

Minimum/Maximum memory stores lowest/highest readings

Model DTK-12217

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Zusätzliche Information

Data Logger Features

External Sensor, Internal Sensor, LCD, Multi-Use


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