The AntTail Bluetooth, WiFi and real-time monitoring systems automatically collect temperature data from the supply chain and storage facilities.

AntTail in home patient monitoring and clinical trial monitoring make it one of the most versatile monitoring systems to support global patient care. The patient’s medical product temperatures at home in their fridge and can record the temperature and when the patient consumes the medicine. Alerts can be sent if patients fail to take their medicine.

The data and reporting is available with a secure login and password from any computer tablet or mobile device. The last location of a sensor can be tracked for investigations.

Customised reporting for temperature, locations, alarms, light sensing and analysis is available.

AntTail sensors always measure temperature and store the data in their internal memory with a five-minute interval. The sensors use a Bluetooth protocol to synchronize measurements to our AntCloud where all sensor data is collected. The sensors are read-out wirelessly and synchronized quickly and easily with the AntTail smartphone app.

Key Features:

Dry Ice/High Temperature/Humidity
Internal/External Sensors
Real time monitoring

Express delivery service can supply and calibrate (if applicable) and dispatch within 24 hours.

AntTail Monitoring System Range:

ANT BLE-30°C to +70°CTemperatureInternalMulti-useReplaceable
RAT BLE-30°C to +70°CTemperatureInternalMulti-useReplaceable
RATex BLE-30°C to +70°CTemperatureExternalMulti-useReplaceable

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