See our extensive catalogue of cold chain products, full of customised and off-the-shelf solutions. We provide temperature controlled packaging and temperature monitoring systems for storage and transit across the globe. Contact us directly for more information about our range or if you would like something from our catalogue customised.

Since 2003 Global Cold Chain Solutions (GCCS) has designed and qualified customised temperature-controlled packaging to suit every purpose. Our products have always been designed to time and temperature profiles and encompassing Phase Change Materials (PCM) to ensure the correct temperatures. Designing temperature shippers and pallets fit for purpose is the cause of the company’s success and reputation for reliable and consistent performance. Our flexible manufacturing and unique designs make it possible to manufacture any size from any type of current and future insulation materials. Our manufacturing cell concept is transportable and scalable making it possible to locate the packaging production next to the demand reducing logistics and inventory costs. Each manufacturing location produces shippers from 1 litre to 3000 litre pallets and the required phase change materials on each site.

The unique design and manufacturing ensure every model is available in flat pack or fully assembled. GCCS has developed and qualified over 400 models and sizes with different temperature ranges. More than 60% of our designs are customised to client specifications, optimising payloads and minimising external cubic to reduce logistics costs and delivered cost per dose.

Efficient manufacturing and close proximity to the demand presents large savings to the users of cold chain products.