Global Cold Chain Solutions has been awarded the 2022 Australian Enterprise Award for Best Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain Solutions and the Distinction Award for Contributions to Pandemic Relief.

Global Supplier

GCCS has offices and warehouses in Australia, India, Germany and Malaysia. We supply global companies with temperature packaging solutions.

GMP Qualified

GCCS offers GDP and GMP qualified packaging solutions.


Global Cold Chain Solutions are specialists in GDP temperature controlled packaging and temperature monitoring for pharmaceuticals, healthcare and logistics.

Global Cold Chain Solutions (GCCS) is an approved one-stop-provider of cold chain solutions focusing on the requirements of the pharmaceutical and pharma logistics industry. Due to our global presence we are close to our customers supporting their need for stable supply chains. Our highly flexible GMP and GDP certified production concept allows for offering tailor-made solutions, thoroughly tested, documented and taking into account optimising the cost of our customer‘s warehousing and transportation.


Since 2003, Global Cold Chain Solutions (GCCS) have specialised in GMP/GDP temperature packaging design and GMP qualified temperature supply chain solutions. We have designed and qualified more than 400 different models’ sizes and temperature ranges of pallets and shippers. We are proud to be delivering customised COVID-19 vaccine shipping solutions from all our factories approved by WHO and UNICEF for shipments into developing countries.

GGCS is continuously developing new and innovative solutions. Our current projects including active solutions last mile, last 100 metres and critical care medical travel bags to allow patients to travel with their medicines safely with them. Our pharmaceutical solutions include monitoring medicine in patients’ fridges to ensure they consume their medicine daily and end-to-end clinical trial solutions.

Our speciality is customising designs to meet exact client requirements and more than 60% of our manufacturing shippers are customised models. Our unique modular manufacturing enables us to be the only company who can manufacture shippers from every known insulation material at every site globally. We are one of only three cold chain packaging companies globally who manufactures their own Phase Change Materials (PCM) and the only company who manufacturers PCM’s at every manufacturing site. GCCS has the largest packaging and environment testing laboratory in Asia-Pacific with five temperature chambers, compression testing, vibration and drop testing. Our testing facilities include calibration, phase change material R&D and DSC testing.

Global Cold Chain Solutions specialises in GDP and GMP compliant temperature-sensitive products and services for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, bio-tech, exporters, clinical trial and logistics industries in Australia, Asia Pacific, Germany and India. Certified AS/NZS ISO 9001-2016, GCCS team has a quality and customer-service focus to ensure temperature-sensitive products maintain their integrity at all times during storage and distribution. GCCS products & services are of the highest standard & quality. Our validations meet GMP, GDP, CFR 21, WHO, MHRA, FDA and HACCP compliances. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us.