GCCS provides a range of industry services including equipment calibration, premises qualification and consulting. Our experts can assist with setting up cold chain storage and transport, installing monitoring systems, and auditing the cold chain to mitigate risks. Contact us with your requirements and we can assist you effectively and efficiently.

Validation and Qualification Services

Packaging Design and Validation

Our team are experts in multiple temperatures in a single shipper and custom temperatures. We specialise in high ambient temperature applications and shipper which don’t require controlled temperature shipping conditions during transport.
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Premises and Equipment Qualification

Qualification is an essential part of the temperature sensitive supply chain & quality assurance system to demonstrate that a site, the processes and equipment are suitable for purpose and the intended use.
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Equipment Services

Data Logger Hire

GCCS Hire Services provide a range of temperature, humidity and dry ice data loggers for short term hire.
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Temperature Equipment Calibration Services

GCCS Metrology Laboratory and experienced technicians provide in-house or on-site calibration of temperature probes, temperature and humidity Data Loggers, Environmental Monitoring Systems.
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Real Time Supply Chain Monitoring

The successful temperature supply chains monitor the product temperatures without gaps ensuring quality is being maintained.
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Environmental Testing Chambers

GCCS has a large testing facility with five environmental test chambers for temperature-testing cold chain and temperature-sensitive shippers and components.
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Pharmaceutical Transport

Airline Container Loading Services

Our specialised team is highly trained in the handling of pharmaceutical freight for airline loading and unloading. 
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Transport Monitoring

To achieve an unbroken temperature supply chain, it is vital to collect data and be warned of potential problems at every point in the supply chain.
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Consulting Services

In-Home Patient Monitoring

For critical medicines it is important to monitor the storage temperatures in the patient’s home refrigerator to ensure the medicines are not exposed to adverse temperatures.
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Clinical Trial Monitoring

GCCS can assist on the design and implementation of clinical trials monitoring.
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Temperature Supply Chain Design

GCCS can design supply chains with custom time and temperature ranges, accounting for a variety of environmental factors.
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Cold Chain Breach Management

GCCS provides Corrective Action and Preventative Action (CAPA) reports for cold chains to mitigate risks and repair supply chains.
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Cold Chain Audits

GCCS can perform audits on-site together with the responsive person (RP) and process owners to identify gaps to mitigate risks.
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Cool Room and Warehouse Design

GCCS provide a large range of temperature-monitoring solutions for drug fridges, refrigerators, freezers, cool rooms, freezer rooms and warehouses.
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