At Global Cold Chain Solutions, we are constantly improving our staple products. We are also creating new innovations to fill gaps in the market. We are always extending the temperature range and transit times of our shippers, and working with clients to create custom solutions.

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Two-way Shippers

GCCS produces durable two-way shippers so you can get the most out of your shipper. These are ideal for internal transportation of goods or closed-loop vaccine supply chains. GCCS supplies both short term and long term solutions to two-way shipping with our standard courier shippers, and our reusable shippers and refrigerated units.

Vaccine Shippers

GCCS has created a large range of vaccine shippers in varying temperature ranges. Our +2°C to +8°C range is perfect for most pharmaceutical products including the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine. We have a large range of -20°C shippers, ideal for the Moderna vaccine, as well as a variety of dry ice shippers, which are great for the Pfizer vaccine. All of these vaccines are transported at different temperatures and it is critical that they stay within the given temperature range. Refrigerated units are also available for temperature controlled storage during transit as well as the final destination.

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Gel Bricks (Phase Change Material)

GCCS is constantly creating new innovations including our PCM Gel Bricks. Our in-house chemist continuously designs and tests these products using differential calorimeter testing DSC to ensure the latent heat and stability of all our PCMs. Every one of our global sites manufactures and fills the gel bricks on-site to provide greater efficiencies and constant supply.

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Blood and Plasma Shippers

We produce a range of blood and plasma shippers designed to transport these delicate products safely and within the correct temperature range. We produce +2°C to +10°C shippers for blood, -25°C for plasma and +20°C to +24°C for platelets.

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