Monitoring Systems

GCCS monitoring systems track the product temperatures without gaps ensuring quality is being maintained. These systems can be checked remotely to allow data to be viewed on a cloud server from any location with login and password by the sponsor.

Track the delivery temperature, arrival times, and transport temperatures within thermal packaging or on-board the temperature-controlled vehicle. These devices assist with storage at warehouses, cool rooms and freezers at main sites, remote sites and all transport hubs and vehicles to achieve end to end temperature monitoring and alarms.

The monitoring systems automatically alert when the temperature limits have been exceeded in transport, at a hub or in storage sites. Mobile phone applications can collect the data from remote locations at delivery points to ensure you have complete visibility of the whole supply chain even for the occasional deliveries.

All temperature records are collected with minimal human intervention. This allows them to perform their normal duties while the temperature checking and supply chain monitoring is collected in the background.

Key Features:

Internal/External Sensors

Options available: