Coldtainer Active Portable Transport Solution



GCCS is the sole authorised distributor in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Germany and Switzerland for Coldtainer Active Portable Transport Solution.

Coldtainer active mobile refrigerators GMP qualified for transport medicines, vaccines, biological products.

Versions are available, with an automatic cooling/heating system to guarantee the products transport at a constant temperature, regardless of the external environmental conditions, in compliance with the regulations in force (GDP 2013/C 68/01, WHO 961/2011).

Types available:
12 volt plugin (with 240v adaptor)
Autonomous -Rechargeable battery operated (with 240v adaptor)
Pre-qualified for 2 to 8°C, -20°C ,15 to 25°C
Tested to operate in ambient temperatures from -20°C to +50°C
Accessories include wheel kits, joining kits and pallet bases

More information available on our product page.

For all models, qualification information, prices and availability contact us.

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22L, 32L, 56L, 82L


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