Vaccinating Australia

Vaccinating Australia is an enormous job with a lot of moving parts. With over 94% of adults receiving two doses and boosters on the way, the collaboration between GCCS, Linfox und Tive Inc has been critical in supporting the national vaccine rollout.

Over 18,000 temperature-controlled vaccine shippers were produced by GCCS during 2021. Maintaining temperatures for more than 72 hours, the shippers can transport vaccines anywhere in Australia or overseas safely and securely.

Linfox was key in packing and distributing the vaccines. The team ensured every shipper arrived at the destination on schedule and at the correct temperature. Linfox trucks travelled over 31 million kilometres to deliver over 20 million vaccine doses to Australians in regional and metropolitan areas.

Every shipper was monitored with two devices to ensure temperature is maintained. Tive shipment trackers provided the Linfox control room real-time visibility of all shipments with GPS location and hyper-accurate temperature data. Around 25,000 updates are sent per hour with information on every shipper’s location and condition, allowing for immediate responses to any potential excursions in the supply chain.

We are all extremely proud of this collaboration to help open Australia back up and will continue to work hard delivering boosters over the coming months.