Reduce, Refurbish, Recycle

As a responsible company offering sustainable solutions, it is our goal that packaging solutions offered by GCCS are re-used as often as possible until final recycling. 

GCCS temperature-controlled pallets, courier shippers and phase change gel bricks are made from high quality raw materials and can be reused by clients many times. We take great care in designing more efficient and economical solutions by optimising the cubic size and payload ratio saving hundreds of dollars on every shipment and reducing the logistics carbon footprint.

GCCS pallets are lighter compared to reusable solutions made with metal frames and solid bases saving airfreight costs. GCCS also customise solutions to client transit profiles giving exceptional efficiencies and fully qualified solutions to GMP standards.

For our clients who are not able to reuse, we offer a return and refurbishment program at each of our six factories in India, Germany, and Australia. Customers can return used GCCS and TPC pallet shippers to any of our factories, where it will be inspected, sanitised, refurbished ready for reuse. 

At the end of a pallet’s lifecycle, damaged insulation and outer cartons can be recycled and disposed of thoughtfully. Damaged phase change packs can be 100% recycled.

Refurbished pallet shippers can be offered at very attractive prices while ensuring they still meet GCCS and GMP high standards. Contact your nearest GCCS partner for details of our sustainable refurbishment program and the availability of refurbished pallet shippers at special prices.