Temperature Equipment Calibration Services

GCCS delivers a variety of Temperature Equipment Calibration Services. Our Metrology Laboratory and experienced technicians provide in-house or on-site (Australia wide) calibration of:

  • Temperature Probes
  • Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
Temperature Equipment Calibration Services, Photo by Alexandre Debieve

Our In-house lab provides prompt service and fast turnaround from anywhere in Australia. Our thermal mapping and onsite calibration combines two services with one visit for greater efficiencies.

Temperature Thermal Mapping

Temperature mapping is effectively a heat distribution study and performed to identify if required temperatures have been attained throughout the storage area (warehouse, cool room, freezer, vaults, fridges, truck, van, containers and aircraft).

GCCS conducts temperature mapping studies globally as in addition to our Temperature Equipment Calibration Services. We provide compliance documentation (protocol, data collection and comprehensive report) aligned with local and global regulations and to demonstrate that all controlled storage equipment or storage areas stay within the specified limits during peak summer and winter conditions.

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