Dry Ice Shipper Range

Temperature sensitive healthcare and pharmaceutical products must be transported in qualified packaging to ensure that the packing complies with the minimum and maximum acceptable product temperatures in accordance with national and international regulations and guidelines and industry best practices.

The transportation of biological samples including DNA, plasma and certain medications and vaccines must be maintained between -80°C to -40°C throughout the entire distribution chain, from production to end user. Our dry ice shippers have been qualified and validated to maintain product temperatures between -80°C and -40°C for up to 144 hours, and we are able to provide custom testing to validate our dry ice shippers to meet your specific requirements.

We have a range of temperature transit profiles used depending on the requirements of our clients including International Standard Transport Association (ISTA), Australian Summer Winter (ASW), International (INT), Extreme Winter and Extreme Summer profiles, we are also able to offer custom designed temperature transit profiles to replicate your required transit conditions.