Serum Institute of India

Winning the fight against COVID-19 and saving lives.
Serum Institute of India and the huge success by Cyrus and Adar Poonawalla.
Where will a country of 1.36+ billion people get a coronavirus vaccine? That was the million dollar question to the Modi Government in India since declaration of COVID-19 Pandemic.
CEO of Serum Institute Mr. Adar Poonawalla with his vision and motivation to all scientists, management staff & workers of Serum Institute, Pune, Maharashtra has made it achieved and promising to finish the target set by Government of India.
Yesterday the Government of India declared that 650 million vaccine doses have been administered to Indians. Out of that, 605.1 million are provided alone by Serum Institute. One can get idea about the herculean task achieved by looking at doses produced by Serum monthly since the beginning of the vaccine drive.
January 21 million
February 25 million
March 47.3 million
April 62.5 million
May 59.6 million
June 96.8 million
July 123.7 million
August 169.2 million
So far Serum has provided a total of 605.1 million doses to the Government of India. Serum is awaiting further orders for ready stock of 200 million doses for month of September and thereafter every month to win over this Pandemic. This is a commitment to Indian people from an Indian company and their committed and dynamic CEO and founder. The ongoing efforts from this Pune based organisation needs to be applauded.
Global Cold Chain Solutions Pty Ltd and its Indian subsidiary TPC Packaging Pvt Ltd are proud to have developed customised temperature-controlled packaging and supporting Serum Institute in making the world a better and safer place. TPC Packaging Pvt Ltd are now opening their 4th factory in India to support the vaccine rollout further.
This an amazing story from an incredible company directed by amazing men who shows any obstacle can be overcome with visionary leadership and determination. We are proud to be a supplier to Serum Institute and all the people who make a difference. TPC Packaging India General Manager Arnold George added, “the Poonawalla family are true heroes in these current times…when times were dark, they shone their light to follow and inspired everyone around them to make the world a better place.”
The world needs heroes and companies with visionary leaders like these, who inspire us to challenge our troubles, motivate ourselves, believe we can do it, never give up and focus on achieving our goals.