One Stop Shop

Global Cold Chain Solutions is a global supplier and a one-stop-shop for cold chain products and services. GCCS can help you every step of the way, with designing, packaging, monitoring and reviewing your cold chain.

Designing: GCCS can assist you in designing or upgrading your supply chain, advising on which storage and transport options are most efficient and which packaging and monitoring solutions are best for your product.

Packaging: GCCS produce a variety of shippers in many sizes and temperature ranges to transport and store products. GCCS shippers are available in off-the-shelf or custom solutions to best fit your needs, and our range of PCM gel bricks are perfect for keeping product at the required temperature for hours.

Monitoring: GCCS supply a variety of data loggers to monitor your supply chain and install monitoring systems to warehouses, cool rooms, and freezers to ensure every stage of the cold chain is reliable and secure.

Reviewing: GCCS can assist in reviewing the efficiency of your cold chain and complete audits in the case of a cold chain breach. This can prevent future product loss and improve the overall security of your cold chain.