Phase Change Material

Phase Change Material (PCM) are products that store and release large amounts of energy (latent heat) as the substance changes from a solid to a liquid or liquid to solid. 

GCCS PCM gel bricks have been specially formulated as an integral component of the GCCS qualified cold chain temperature-controlled shippers and pallets. 

Our food grade formulations are a non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution with operational temperatures available in -29°C, -22°C, -16°C, 0°C, +1°C, +5°C and +24°C. Our PCM gel bricks provide uniform thermal payload protection in a light weight, durable, leak proof gel brick and are available in multiple sizes and configurations. If we don’t have what you need, we can custom engineer our PCM solutions to meet your specific requirements.  

Our chemical engineers are continuously designing and stringently testing using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to ensure the latent heat and stability of all our PCMs. Our global manufacturing sites fill the PCM packs on-site to provide greater efficiencies and constant supply for our customers. 

More information about temperature and size ranges is available here.