Customised Packaging Design and Testing

Global Cold Chain Solutions has the largest custom packaging design and testing facilities in the Asia Pacific region with five environmental chambers. We offer fixed temperature or stepped multi-temperature testing comprising of time and temperature segments. Chamber testing is available from -20°C to +60°C. Our expert team develop qualification protocols for summer and winter conditions to replicate transport and ambient conditions in global temperature-sensitive supply chain.

GCCS have been developing thermal packaging for more than 17 years. Specializing in custom designs and sizes for any temperature application. We specialise in high ambient temperature applications and our shippers and pallets do not require controlled temperature shipping conditions during transport saving costs.

Our unique constructed design allows for flat pack to reduce inbound freight and storage costs or fully assembled ready to use. We stock a range of insulation material including extruded polystyrene XPS, polyurethane, PU Expanded polystyrene EPS and vacuum panels to customise any design.

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