Gel Brick Range

Phase Change Material (PCM) Gel Bricks are a vital aspect of the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain industry. Gel Bricks keep critical products at a stable temperature during transit and storage without the need for electricity or battery-powered units.

Global Cold Chain Solutions offers a wide range of PCM Gel Bricks across eight temperature profiles ranging in sizes from 450g to 2000g.

Ambient PCMs are designed for controlled ambient products at +15°C to +25°C. These PCM’s can be used to transport products such as platelets or whole blood, as well as over the counter medications at ‘room temperature’ during summer or winter conditions.

Chilled PCMs are available in both 0°C and +5°C, and they can be used to transport refrigerated medicines, vaccines, or biological substances between +2°C to +8°C.

Frozen PCMs are available in -16°C, -22°C and -29°C can be used to transport vaccines, plasma, breast milk and other critical medications without the need to use of dry ice and thereby reducing transport costs and improving safety.