Customised Shippers

GCCS customised shippers can revolutionise the way you transport your cold chain products by reducing wasted materials, eliminating unused space, and optimising your supply chain. We offer a range of pre-qualified packaging from 1L to 155L Shippers to 425L to 3,500L Pallets, and can create custom models to suit your size, duration, and temperature needs.
These shippers are designed for specific transport durations and product loads, allowing for accurate tests to be completed to optimise the packaging. The size of the packaging can be scaled based on the required product load to reduce wasted material and remove empty space from the shipper.
The design of the packaging can be changed based on the transport time to reduce excess energy while ensuring the product is transported at the correct temperature for the duration of the trip. GCCS packaging can hold a required temperature for 24 hours for a day trip and up to 144 hours for long haul trips.
The temperature range of the packaging can be customised to suit your product. GCCS shippers are available in 2°C to 8°C, 2°C to 25°C, 15°C to 25°C, -16°C to -10°C, -22°C to -16°C and -80°C. This large range allows for the transportation of specialised products safely and efficiently.