Coldtainer Refrigeration

GCCS is the sole authorised Coldtainer distributor in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India, and a principal distribution partner in Germany and Switzerland. Coldtainers can be used to transport critical medicines, vaccines, and biological products at a controlled temperature. 

Coldtainers can be used to transport any product load in a car, van, or truck. Current models include internal capacities from 22 to 915 Litres. Power sources range from AC/DC power, 12/24V batteries allowing it to operate during transit without external power sources. Temperature ranges are available from -24°C to +85°C, allowing for transportation of frozen, chilled, ambient, or hot products. 

The 1640L model is only available through GCCS with limited stock. This model can transport and store a large range of pharmaceuticals at any set temperature within the range of 0°C to 30°C. This large-scale unit can be transported by truck, and the 12V battery allows for a constantly regulated temperature during long transits. The upright shape leads to a small footprint, making good use of warehouse and truck floorspace while maintaining a large internal capacity. Shelves can be added to store individual products in a hospital or pharmacy or can be removed to transport product boxes.

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