RotoMoulded Shipper Launch

Global Cold Chain Solutions are excited to announce our new Rotational Moulded Shippers. These shippers have a hard outer casing, making it reusable and durable while remaining lightweight. The vacuum insulated panel (VIP) insulation is highly effective and leads to a shipper that can hold temperatures for up to eight days. The shippers are validated to an international profile, remaining steady through temperature fluctuations on airport runways and cargo holds.

The RotoMoulded Shippers are currently available in two models, 24L and 48L with internal payloads of 8L and 15L respectively. The shippers can hold temperatures between 2°C-8°C for up to 201 hours, over double the duration of competitor models. This makes for a durable, reliable, compact shipper, perfect for transporting individual product loads or being stacked on a pallet.

The HDPE outer shell and liner can withstand the impacts of everyday use and is easy to clean. GCCS angled gel bricks line the sides of the shipper, leaving the maximum amount of product space available and making this a very user-friendly model to pack.

More information can be found in our product brochure here.