Seasonal Temperature Mapping

As the season comes to an end, we are finishing up our bi-annual thermal mapping. GCCS offers Design, Installation, Operation and Performance Qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ & PQ) services to meet GMP standards, along with seasonal mapping to ensure temperatures are consistent during extreme hot and cold weather.

Each of our global branches provide full services for summer and winter mapping of warehouses, cool rooms, and other temperature-controlled areas. Temperature readings are taken over a period of multiple days to identify hot and cold spots, as well as potential temperature excursions. We provide a comprehensive report on our findings, including recommendations going forward. GCCS qualifies the areas from start to finish and if there are temperature excursions and errors, they have the technical expertise to make the corrections and prevent false alarms.

We also provide validation of new equipment for warehousing, cold storage, freezers as well as freestanding lab fridges and freezers. We confirm the equipment is maintaining the required temperature and investigate the possible effects of door openings and power failures. We provide Design and Installation Qualification (DQ/IQ) services to assist in the process of choosing and setting up new equipment, as well as validating it for use.

Every year GCCS make hundreds of investigations and corrections to prevent ongoing temperature excursion and false alarms. In may cases the refrigeration systems are not configured correctly and only require minor adjustments before mapping and qualification.

Contact any of our branches for our expertise and more information about qualification and thermal mapping, and to book in for next season.