Internationally Validated Pallets

GCCS produces custom insulated pallet shippers for international distribution. These pallets make the most of space by creating a large temperature-controlled environment to transport temperature sensitive products. This reduces transport costs by maximising product space and cutting excess packaging.

We have a wide range of sizes and temperatures available, ensuring you find the perfect fit. Temperature ranges include 2°C-8°C (Chilled), 2°C-25°C and 15°C-25°C (Ambient), -16°C & -22°C (Frozen) and -80°C (Dry Ice). Sizes range from 425-3500L, with validation from 72-144 hours.

These pallets are qualified for international travel and rigorously tested in conditions that mirror transit including time spent on a hot tarmac and in an unconditioned cargo hold. This ensures product temperatures are maintained, even during extreme hot or cold weather.

All our branches produce and customise insulated pallet shippers for international travel.

Contact your nearest branch to discuss your requirements.