-22 Pallet Solutions

GCCS produces highly specialised pallet shippers to transport large quantities of pharmaceuticals nationally and internationally. The phase change material (PCM) gel bricks allow for thermoregulation without the use of dry ice or other hazardous materials.

GCCS Pallet Shippers are available in Australian, USA and European style pallets as well as European skids. The pallets can fit through wide or narrow body aircraft doors and are perfect for reducing export costs. Internal space is utilised to make the most of storage and transit room.

The -22°C pallet shipper can transport critical medicines and vaccines internationally. These pallets can transport up to 711L of frozen products at stable temperatures for up to 72 hours. The high-quality insulation creates a shipper that is both durable and dependable. The -22°C Phase Change Gel Bricks allow for transportation of frozen products without the need for dry ice or batteries, both of which are considered hazardous materials during international transit. These pallet shippers are currently in use transporting COVID vaccines from manufacturers in India to General Practitioners in Australia.

The shipper and PCM gel bricks are reusable and can be sent to any GCCS warehouse for refurbishment to extend the longevity of the shipper. All components are recyclable, making this product an economic and ecological choice compared to plastic-shelled alternatives.

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